EH 2.1 features

Encyclopaedia Homeopathica 2.1 is a WebUpdate which can be downloaded and installed for free by all EH 2.* users.

These are the main new features of EH 2.1:

Search for themes and collections
Find the remedies which have a given word or expression as a theme or collection.
Search for all references of an author
Find all articles and books written by the author of your preference.
Search for word and chapter at the same time
In one search operation, find all symptoms which contain a given word (such as stomach), but also those symptoms which appear in the chapter stomach, even when they do not contain the word stomach.
Add your personal information to an empty database
Add your personal text to an empty database in EH. Afterwards EH will find your text as well as the original documents when you search (for example) for a remedy.
Improved expanding and collapsing of Families
With an Explorer-like interface, using plus and minus signs, the collapsing and expanding of families has become much easier.

EH 2.1 offers new search possibilities and an empty document for your own use

Version 2.1 of Encyclopaedia Homeopathica is available as a free WebUpdate, available for all those who have EH 2.0 up and running. EH has amazed the homeopathic community with its accurate search results. Indeed, it is useful to have a lot of documents, but the search function defines which information you find. With this new version we have further improved our powerful search engine.

Now you are able to find all articles written by the author of your choice. For the first time, with this version and with package H4 (English), you are able to find remedies based on their themes.
This feature is also available with the Danish package.

You are able to import your own text into an empty document. If you follow some basic formatting rules, you can define a chapter, define to which remedy the text belongs, etc. Afterwards EH will find your text as well as the original documents when you search (for example) for that remedy.

Also the navigation has further improved. Shortcuts have been added to help move quickly from one piece of information to another. In the Family Analysis Window, plus and minus signs in front of the families clearly indicate where a family can be expanded or collapsed. In the Symptom Clipboard, the words of the hits are now highlighted.