Encyclopaedia Homaopthica features

Encyclopaedia Homeopathica 1.0 has been a revolutionary program to use Materia Medica information at its introduction so many years ago. Subsequent versions respond to the endless and creative wishes of our users.

EH 2.2

EH 2.2 offers the possibility to open additional databases, e.g. provings, which are offered as downloads. Update your Materia Medica for free before the next library is for sale!

EH 2.1

Different new search functions have been added to EH 2.1, offering you more precise and more complete search results. Now you can also add your personal information to an empty EH database, whcih you can share with other EH users.

EH 2.0

Two most interesting new features are included in EH 2.0: an interactive link between the Materia Medica and the Repertory and the possibility to limit searches in EH to "mixes".