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Taylor Will - Portland - USA

From: Quotes Radar 10, Quotes EH 2.1

I just replaced my 1st-generation Intel-duo MacBook laptop, with the latest 13" MacBook Pro - and the performance of RADAR/EH in Fusion/WindowsXP has improved tremendously - amazingly so. From ho-hum & often frustrating, to OMG...[mehr]

Gray Alastair - Australia

From: Quotes Radar 10, Quotes EH 2.1

RADAR is an essential tool in my teaching and daily practice. I've used other programs in the past, but have left them all behind in favor of RADAR and Encyclopedia Homeopathica.[mehr]

Edmonds Philip - United Kingdom

From: Quotes Radar 10, Quotes EH 2.1

RADAR 10 is great - There is so much I'm not using.  But I find the EH excellent, I am getting remedies by searching for key words the patients use.[mehr]

Huisman-van Dijk Wilma - The Netherlands

From: Quotes Radar 10, Quotes EH 2.1

I traded in another homeopathic program for Radar 10 and EH and am very happy I did so. I find the Radar 10 and EH much easier to use.I am very happy with it, it is a joy to work with it every day.[mehr]

De Zutter Marnix - Belgium

From: Quotes Radar 10, Quotes EH 2.1

Ik ben overgestapt van een ander programma naar Radar 10 en EH en ik kan het echt iedereen aanraden. I switched from another program to Radar 10 and EH and I can really advise everybody to do the same.[mehr]


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