Ewald Stöteler module

Ewald Stöteler (Netherlands) has developed a module describing a way to divide symptoms in 8 different classes:

  •  constitutional (psora)
  • acute miasmatic
  • incidents and biography
  • epidemic
  • inherited tendencies
  • iatrogenic intoxication
  • sycosis
  • syphilis

Next he/she tries to estimate what class is the most important to cure first in the current situation. E.g. when a patient has influenza caused by an epidemic flue, it may be better to try and handle the symptoms for this epidemic situation before handling the constitutional symptoms.

The homoeopath picks the classes he/she considers most important for the current situation, evaluates the individual symptoms and repertorises these classes.

Using this methodology, the homoeopath can do “first things first” instead of having to find the “silver bullet” to cure a patient.

You can access this module through the Wizards Collector or through the menu ("View - Ewald Stöteler wizard").