Filip Degroote (Belgium)

About Filip Degroote

Filip Degroote graduated as a Doctor in Medicine in 1978. He has had a full time classical homeopathic practice for 28 years.

Under the guidance of doctor A. Pladys, he developed pioneering work concerning clinical and energetic examination in homeopathy which were put in the book ‘Physical Examination and Observations in Homoeopathy’ (1992).

His second book was ‘Notes on Miasms and Heredity’ (1994) in which he indicated a difference between individual and hereditary energy in every human being.

The crowning achievement of his many years of practice is the development of a data-base of dreams, coming especially from his own practice.


About Filip Degroote's work

Here are some publications by Filip Degroote, available in RadarOpus:

  • Physical Examination and Observations in Homeopathy (dgt1-2014). This is the second edition of the ground-breaking book where a method to verify homeopathic prescriptions has been described. More
  • Dream Repertory (dgt4e). An invaluable collection of 150.000 additions on top of the dreams section of Synthesis. More
  • Dreams - A Homeopathic Perspective (dgt5). A case oriented Materia Medica describing 248 remedies in detail. Cases are the starting point to explain the key features of the remedy and to show how analyzing the dream leads to the prescription. More
  • Notes on Miasms, Heredity and Nosodes (dgt2-2014). An explanation how miasms, heredity and nosodes are related and how to use nosodes to achieve lasting cures. The updated version of the first edition which was printed as a book. More
  • Muscles, Nerves and Vertebrae Repertory (dgt6).  A repertory indicating homeopathic remedies related to all important muscles, spinal nerves and vertebrae, differentiating hypotonic versus hypertonic muscles, left versus right, etc. More
  • Remedy interactions and Kingdoms (dgt7). The remedy interactions list which Degroote composed, is a major extension of Gibson Miller's list and contains a lot of additions from different eminent authors of the last century and numerous additions from his 40 years of clinical experience. More
  • The Physical and Energetic Examination of the Homeopathic Patient (dgt8). This is the complete handout of Filip Degroote’s course "Energetic Training Seminar to Identify the Simillimum in Every Patient". This five days training is a course about verifying homeopathic remedies by clinical and energetic examination. More