About Frederik Schroyens

Seminars and lectures

The major upcoming seminar that Frederik will be giving is in Carlsbad, California (USA), organized by the Homeopathic Academy of Southern California.

Frederik has been giving lectures and seminars on Synthesis, Radar, and EH, as well on homeopathy for many years. Frederik has been practicing homeopathy since 1978 and has never stopped.
Although Frederik likes giving seminars, it has not been on the top of his priority list for a long while. Nevertheless Frederik has been teaching a lot, especially during the 80's. Frederik helped founding the largest Flemish School for Homeopathy (VSU) and was its president for about 10 years.
If you wish, you can read about Dr. Schroyens' past seminars and what people say about them.


This is a somewhat general biography (also available in Italian), we are working on a more complete version.
Frederik is married and has two great kids. Here is a picture of his family at his 50th birthday party.


Frederik is glad that there still is some time for hobbies. His other great hobby (in addition to homeopathy) is music: listening to music and playing it himself.
Biking and hiking, especially mountain hiking, are his favorite sports.
Since his early youth he has taken thousands of pictures. Photography, the art of the moment, fascinates him.

Mountain hiking