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You can find your Knowledge article by navigating the main categories in the left hand menu.

If subcategories are available, a red navigation box will appear in the right hand column. Click on the subcategory of you choice to further specify your search and only the corresponding Knowledge articles will be displayed.

On the "Knowledge categories" page, you will find a full list of all categories present in the Knowledge section. Click on any category to further specify your search. A preview of the records contained in the category of your choice will be show at the right hand side of the category list. You can now click on the title of the Knowledge article to visit it's detailed description.

If there are no Knowledge articles present in the category you selected, "no entries in this list." will be displayed.

Alternatively, you can type your search query in the search box on the right. This will only search the Knowledge base, If you wish to search trough the Downloads as well as the Knowledge Base and Documents, use the search box on Support Home

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