Jeremy Sherr's Dynamic Case Taker

Free Your Attention For Your Patient with Jeremy Sherr's 'Dynamic Case Taker' (patent pending)

  • Enter case notes straight into your computer
  • No restrictive intake forms
  • Text recognition automatically fixes slow or inaccurate typing
  • Go from raw notes to case analysis in one smooth step
  • Keywords are already translated into repertory language

Now you have

  • A seamless interface to RADAR homeopathic software
  • Automatic match of concepts and remedy affinities.
  • Easy access to materia medica for differential diagnosis.
  • Make the move to completely computerized case records.
  • Search your past cases for that amazing prescription from last year.
  • Access case examples for the remedy you’re teaching students this week.

The Dynamic Case Taker creates a complete case taking environment for the homeopath. It offers help for the practitioner and guidance for the student, actively enhancing the case taking process to make it more efficient and accurate.

The program remains flexible, adaptable and compatible with whatever methodology you’re using — and customizable to your individual requirements.

Use your favorite analysis or change your analysis options as you will — the software will rework your case notes to suit. What’s more, you can use the Dynamic Case Taker alongside any homeopathic computer program.

Repertory of Mental Qualities

William Monteiro, UK

“Learning to touch type my cases was more useful to me than a two-week seminar with a homoeopathic master. To my amazement I found that typing allows me to relate more directly to the patient!”

Frederik Schroyens, Belgium

“The Dynamic Case Taker has so many useful features. This program really brings homoeopathic philosophy to life. This is going to radically improve my practice. Amazing!”

Roger Van Zandvoort, Holland

“The Case taker is just what it takes to not only organize your case but also your own thinking while outlining what is the key to the story of your patient. As well as a great tool for practice it is a very useful educational aid to homeopathic thinking.”

Lou Klein, Canada

“Jeremy Sherr’s Case Taker brings a new dimension into homeopathic software and is full of exciting innovations to improve our case taking experience”.

Alize Timmerman, Holland

“Jeremy Sherr has created a useful tool to help develop our case taking skills. The Case Taker also provides an excellent case analysis system. The program makes taking and analyzing the case easier and more effective so we can give full attention to our patients”.

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