The Kenbo Module

A True Expert System

Based on teachings of master Hahnemann, Kent and Boenninghausen.

Why Kenbo?

All existing soft wares are mere data bank, none involved in practical application of Hahnemannian concept in clinical practice, while Kenbo is designed to keep in view the basic requirements for implementing rational art of cure in homoeopathic practice, for experienced as well as for new comers…

Case Taking

Symptoms of patients are recorded directly in software with the concept of complete symptom. Immediate conversion of symptoms into rubrics found in various repertories. All histories (Present, past, family, personal, physical examination and investigation) are recorded in separate windows.

Case Processing

Analysis of case based on Kentian method, grading of symptoms, creating acute and chronic totality, determining dominant and fundamental miasm based on patient’s present history, past history and family background. Ascertaining causative factor, displaying patho physiology of case, Hahnemannian Miasmatic pathology with graphical display of dominating miasm in patient’s life cycle and suggesting the Intercurrent remedy for case. (All governed by software itself)
Evaluation of symptoms according to Kent’s concept, creating sequential totality, portrait building with graphical display of symptoms of various categories, creating conceptual image, finding rubrics, denoting miasm of every rubric, and suggesting suitable repertory for the case, ALL DONE AND MANAGED BY SOFTWARE ITSELF.
Kenbo generates reportorial syndrome out of any number of symptoms and it sort out 10 top symptoms of case on the basis of their importance. This is done automatically. User has no confusion regarding selection of symptoms for the final repertorization, which is the most important part of any chronic case.


Repertorization with the help of 4 basic repertories viz Kent Repertory, Boenninghausen Therapeutic Pocket Book, Boger Boenninghausen repertory, and Boericke Repertory. Suggestion of similimum based on Repertorization result, miasmatic dominance, constitutional Background and potential drug field.


Complete case detail and consultation summary along with complete account information are maintained by software itself.

Follow Up

Follow up is also managed by software, each and every symptoms is reviewed according to Kent’s 12 Observation and Hering‘s law of cure. Accordingly second prescription is made.

Quick Repertorization

User can directly select rubrics from the five available repertories and repertorize the case without going in case processing or case taking. Software is enabled with fastest search engine for any word in whole pages of any repertory. Most user friendly screens. Various data strategies make it useful for the purpose of research and thesis work.
Various report generation, printing various certificates under the heading of physician, lab testing format, order sheet for medicines, maintaining appointments of physicians, creating different disease groups and assorting data in various age and sex groups.

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Kenbo is Designed and Developed by Dr Tarkeshwar Jain, Astt.Prof, Dr M.P.K.Homoeopathic Medical College, Jaipur, India