Luc De Schepper module

Dr. Luc De Schepper (USA) has created a module that will assist you in retrieving and hierarchising the symptoms following his model. You can access this module through the Wizards Collector or through the menu ("View - Dr. Luc wizard").

A wizard will lead you through finding these symptoms:

  • the local, chief complaint
  • the never well since symptoms
  • the mental, emotional symptoms
  • the general, physical symptoms
  • the sleep and sexual symptoms
  • food and drinks symptoms

At each step, you will be led to those sections in the repertory where these symptoms are present. You can search for the relevant symptom by concept, by words or by finding the rubric in a stepwise way from the chapter downwards.

When the wizard asks you to indicate the delusion of the patient, you can ask for help. The program repertorizes all symptoms you have taken so far and then shows you the core delusions of the most prominent remedies.

You can select the one which corresponds to your patient's story. The wizard then shows you a summary of all information and you can make the final analysis.

At each step, there is context senstitive help to make sure that you can use this module to your best benefit.