The Luc de Schepper Module

We are proud to offer you the Luc de Schepper module for RADAR homeopathy software. It includes:

  • A Case-Taking Wizard
  • 50 Concepts & Patient Expressions pointed to related Delusion rubrics
  • 100 Core Delusions, each with a concise explanation
  • 8 hours of video lectures and live patient video, with full case analysis
  • A Materia Medica database of all the remedies in the Concepts and the Core Delusions of the Encyclopedia Homeopathic program (EH)

Click here to listen to an interview with Luc De Schepper, Part A

Click here to listen to an interview with Luc De Schepper, Part B

The Iceberg

The symbol of the iceberg represents the homeopathic case analysis process. Most often the patients come to us with a Chief Complaint on the physical level.

We must always take into account the totality of symptoms, but we will only prescribe successfully if we prescribe for the patient with a disease, and not for the disease itself.

The Luc de Schepper module helps us to do just that — to evaluate all symptoms according to the patient as a totality. We must determine the most characteristic, the most valuable, the A153 symptoms. We cannot take one single symptom, even an important one, out of the whole picture.

Every case tells a coherent story, and every part of the patient's story has to fit the story of the remedy as described in EH.

Who is this person? What is their Constitution and Temperament; are they an extravert or introvert? Why do they do what they are doing? What is their motivation?

The most valuable indications for your prescription are often the most deeply hidden. Often the simillimum lies in the unconscious of the patient — the deepest part of the iceberg. This is the territory where the Luc de Schepper Module will be your guide.

Luc's Delusions and the Core Delusion

The delusions of the patient are the most difficult to find. By filling out the other clipboards first you will be able to see the top remedies of the patient case. At that point, the module presents you the Core Delusion for the leading remedies, each with its explanation, and you can decide which fits best the total story of your patient.

The Core Delusion (CD) always contains a kernel of truth. A Core Delusion is the expression of the dominant, ruling emotion. It will be the driving force behind the patient's actions, thoughts and plans. It will create along the way secondary delusions. Dr. Luc's key is that all compensations and secondary delusions have their origin in the Core Delusion.

"The Mask is the Simile;
the Shadow side is the Simillimum!

The Core Delusion is not taken out of context of the totality of the patient but simply expresses the most important characteristic of his totality.

"The Core Delusion is the emotional or spiritual center,
surrounded by a cluster of images or ideas,
which are the patient's compensations.

If the homeopath does not ask enough "Why's?" the patient will only reveal compensations that are far away from the Core Delusion. They will try to coach you into prescribing for their "mask" rather than the deep shadow side. This will lead to the selection of a simile and not the simillimum.

Luc's Concepts

A Concept (or we might use Jung's term Complex) can be expressed by one or several words. It is usually the main theme of long-term suffering that the patient links to painful recollections.

Luc's Concepts contain more than 50 valuable Super Rubrics with 'patient expressions' and 'referring rubrics' in the Synthesis Repertory.

For a full differentiation of the main remedies mentioned in a Concept, you can switch to Luc's database in the EH program for a complete description.