Right mouse click on remedy abbreviations

In the repertory screen, you can right click on any remedy abbreviation and you have immediate access to:

  • The family selection window, showing the families related to the remedy you choose
  • The keynotes of that remedy
  • Materia Medica or cases of that remedy in Encyclopaedia Homeopathica
  • Pictures of the remedy
  • The relevant remedy information window (showing author references, concepts, etc.)

Wizards Finder

Radar 10 brings you more wizards than ever. A good reason to offer a Wizards Finder, which is the central screen to the right, giving you easy access to the different wizards.

To access the Wizard Finder, you use the menu ("View - Wizards Finder").

Right mouse click on wizard symptoms

Symptoms taken with the help of the different wizards can be handled more easily.

  • A check box allows easy selecting and deselecting.
  • More information is available: (from left to right): origin of symptom, number of remedies and degree.
  • Right mouse click menu allows to change the properties of the selected rurbics.

Easier installation program

A new installation program will make it easier to install Radar:

  • There is only one installation CD, one DVD with programs and one DVD with data
  • Installation is more automated: less interventions by the user mean less errors possible. If a new user installs the program, no questions are asked and the program installs itself completely on its own.
  • The program will detect whether you have updated Synthesis with all available logfiles. If not, it will automatically suggest you to update Synthesis at the end of the installation.
  • Compatible with Windows Vista

Keynotes offer acces to EH

When you are reading a keynote of a remedy and you wish to obtain more information, you can read all information about that same remedy in Encyclopaedia Homeopathica.

At the bottom of the keynote window, there is an EH icon (see red circle). If you click on it, the program will switch to EH and search for the same remedy in EH.

Improved handling of cases and logfiles

Our support team has reported that most problems users encounter had to do with the handling of cases and logfiles. In Radar 10 we have resolved the major causes of these problems.