Improved Multimedia

Radar 10 comes with 250 new pictures of remedies. There are now more than 400 remedies with at least one picture, including most of the major remedies.

In addition, it is now possible that more than 1 picture has been attached to a remedy. In fact, there are about 650 pictures for these 400 remedies, e.g. agaricus muscarius has 4 pictures, which can be looked at by simple scrolling.

A separate window opens, which can resized, maximized and the last size you used is saved.

You can access these pictures through the "Remedy information window" or by right clicking on the remedy abbreviation in the repertory screen.

205 new sound clips are included, offering information about remedies and rubrics by Dr. Farokh Master (India), they are available through the "Remedy information window".

Radar can now handle any type of picture, sound or video format if the correct player is installed on your computer (bmp, jpg, tif, gif, wma, wav, mp3, etc.).

A multimedia objects catalogue

You can easily access a catalogue of all multimedia objects ("View - Remedies Multimedia" or, when you are looking at any picture, click on the button "Other remedies").

In this list you can search for any of the about 400 remedies with at least one picture and/ or sound clip. When you type only a part of the name of the remedy, the remedies with those letters will be displayed after you have clicked on the filter icon. In the screen shot below, you see the result of searching "sulphur".