New books in 1.37

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  • BIANCHI I., BIANCHI V., Bianchi's Repertory of Homeopathy and Homotoxicology, bci3***
    A very extended repertory in English, composed by the main authority on homotoxicology, Dr. Ivo Biancho (Italy). Composed remedies are indicated separately, the abbreviation is always followed by a sign +.
  • BENTLEY G., Soul & Survival - The Common Human Experience, btg3***
    Addressing most frequently asked questions on the Facial Analysis.
  • MORRISON R., Carbon series, mrr6***
    The book introducing all remedies belonging to the carbon series (Periodic table).
  • MORRISON R., Desktop Guide to KeyNotes & Confirmatory Symptoms, mrr1***
    The very popular Materia Medica digest including Morrison’s life time experience.
  • ROWE T., Homeopathic Methodology, rwt15***
    A reference introductory workbook for beginning homeopaths.
  • SCHOLTEN J., Secret Lanthanides, stj11***
    The reference book on all remedies belonging to the Lanthanides series (Periodic table), including cases.
  • SCHOLTEN J., Wad Stories - Homeopathic Lectures from a Sailing Trip on the Wad in the Netherlands, stj9***
    A collection of interesting lectures given on a sailing trip by different Dutch authors.
  • SCHOLTEN J., Wad Stories 2 - Homeopathic Lectures from a Sailing Trip on the Wad in the Netherlands, stj12***
  • SHERR J., Mental Qualities Rep - demo + full (2 docs!), srj11 and srj11a*** Same in German version (again 2 docs), and***
    The updated version of this Repertory, bringing you up to date with his research to create meta-rubrics.
  • ULLMAN D., Evidence Based Homeopathic Family Medicine, umd1***
    The most comprehensive description of and reference to the body of scientific evidence for the applications of homeopathic medicines in the treatment of people.  This book references studies published in peer-review journals, including those with positive and negative results, and it provides some analysis of those studies that had “negative” results.
  • VERMEULEN F., Passport, version 2.0, vml8***
    Largely expanded version with substance descriptions of some 3.000 remedies now.
  • VERVARCKE A., Rare Remedies for Difficult Cases, vva4***
    A set of a 25 special cases.