New Features of Radar 8.0

The most important new feature or Radar 8 is it's seamless integration with the Materia Medica program, Encyclopaedia Homeopathica. This integration responds to a long standing wish of so many homeopaths to have a closer relationship between the two main tools of our profession.
As a result Radar 8 will show its full capacities in combination with Encyclopaedia Homeopathica (version 1.4 or higher). The features of Encyclopaedia Homeopathica can be read at the EH subsite.
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Importing from EH into Radar

What happens in Radar when symptoms from EH are imported.

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From within Radar, search in EH

If your search for symptoms, or your case analysis did not yield the expected result in Radar, you can repeat that search in EH from within Radar with one click.

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Grouping symptoms in the clipboard

New ways to combine several symptoms into one.

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