Nikunj Trivedi (England)

About Nikunj Trivedi

Dr. Nikunj Trivedi has been practicing homeopathy since 1980 and, since 2004 , is based in Leicester, England. He specializes in treating fertility problems and sexual disorders.

In his career of 35 years, he has treated a wide spectrum of patients from all over the world and given numerous lectures at various institutes. In addition to this, Nikunj`s articles are regularly published in various homeopathy journals. More

About Trivedi's work

Dr. Trivedi has authored four books on sexual health and infertility, two of which have been published in RadarOpus, to say a repertory and a Materia Medica:

  • TRIVEDI N. Homeopathy for Sexual Disorders - Repertory of Infertility (tvn1)
  • TRIVEDI N. Materia Medica of Sexual Disorders (tvn2)

These works not only reflect Dr. Trivedi's personal lifetime experience but also include a thorough review of the literature on the tropic. More

Contacting Nikunj Trivedi

Tel: +44-1-162 663 906

Email: nikunj(at)

  • Arti Clinic, 91-Jacklin Drive, Leicester, LE4 7SU, England
  • Arti Clinic and General Hospital, Arti Complex, Nana Bazar, Vallabh Vidyanagar, 388120, Gujarat, India.