A protocol has been structured with the aim of conducting an observational
study, collecting data deriving from the practice of a group of Italian homeopathic practitioners.
It follows LMHI (Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis)
guidelines for “Clinical Verification of Homeopathic Symptoms” published in

The protocol was named “Omeoverona” since it was initially assessed in
collaboration between “Osservatorio Medicine Complementari” e “Scuola di
Medicina Omeopatica di Verona” in Verona.

It is an observational pilot study, to evaluate the feasibility of data collecting and the statistical power of the analysis conducted on these data to determine the “Likelihood ratio” of homeopathic symptoms in relation with the prescribed remedy.

OmeoVerona uses a set of RadarOpus' functions and features to collect the data. In WinCHIP-RadarOpus there is a button with one click access to this set. This collaboration was implemented in RadarOpus 1.41 (September 2015). For the moment, OmeoVerona is only available for Prof. Bellavite and his team.

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