Radar 9 Quotes

Korolchuk Igor - Pyatigorsk- Russia

From: Quotes Radar 9

Great, fast program for a practicing homeopath. Easy to use and work on. All information safely stored even if you occasionally turn the power off.


Kooistra Hanita - The Netherlands

From: Quotes Radar 9, Quotes Synthesis 9

Ik ben erg blij met mijn programma. Ik vind het echt heel fijn werken nu. Ik kan nu zo razendsnel repertoriseren ! Ook de update naar Synthesis 9.1 vind ik geweldig.

I am delighted with my new programme. I really enjoy working...[more]

Rieberer Gabriela - RLHH UK

From: Quotes Radar 9

Just a little enthusiastic feed back on the new program - it is great!!!!! I am slowly making my way through all the changes and new features and I am very impressed! Peter Irl in Germany has given me a few tips. It is wonderful...[more]

Nolte Stephan Heinrich - Germany

From: Quotes Radar 9

Ein ausgezeichnetes, leicht zu bedienendes Repertorisationsprogramm mit vielfältigen Möglichkeiten und Varianten.. Die Auswahl der Symptome und die Fallzusammenstellung geht schnell und leicht, mit rascher Wiederfindung der...[more]

Swetta Raaj - Bahrain

From: Quotes Radar 9

I have been using Radar since a long time. I am very happy with the software, it is out of this world and I use it a lot. It has given me EXCELLENT results good reputation which are unbelievable.It is NO.1 software and it is very...[more]


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