Radar 10.5


The best investment you can make for your homeopathy practice.

Whatever you need from a repertory program — RADAR 10.5 has it!

A Superb Interface

The beautiful, easy and intuitive new interface was created by a professional graphic designer — and you get so much more than gorgeous pictures.

To begin with, you're tapping into the scholarship and precision of the Synthesis Repertory, now the largest homeopathic database in the world!

And with "Repertory Views", YOU can customize the kind of information that you want to include in each and every analysis — use only the sources that you have confidence in.

You also have seamless integration with Encyclopedia Homeopathica (EH), the easily expandable materia medica library that is included in all six RADAR packages.

The new graphic interface is standard with all new purchases of any RADAR 10.5 package, and is available as a free "Live Update" within RADAR 10 for all current owners.

Video - the Families Module by Will Taylor (17 minutes)

Kingdoms and Family Groupings

Stunning graphics allow you to drill-down easily — through both traditional homeopathic Families AND genetically accurate Kingdoms. Your cases will come alive in a whole new way, thanks to the intensive classification work done by botanist and zoologist, Dr. Will Taylor.

And even where homeopathy currently has little or no data, we've included one-click access to Wikpedia's online information. Every exploration of a Family or a Kingdom is a rich learning adventure.

Video - The Graphic Interface for Families (28 minutes)

The World's Largest Repertory

Synthesis Treasure Edition 2009 * is the largest and most accurate homeopathic repertory ever created. It forms the core of all new RADAR Packages. And for current RADAR 10 owners, the repertory upgrade is now on sale.

In the words of Frederik Schroyens (chief architect of the Synthesis Repertory) the new repertory "addresses quantity in a smart way." So what does that mean, exactly?

Remedies from sub-rubrics have been copied to the next super-rubric throughout the entire repertory — and each of these additions have been manually reviewed to ensure 100% accuracy.

A brand new chapter of clinical rubrics has been created, and additional conceptual rubrics make your access to the information you need easier than ever.

Contemporary provings have also been added, along with another set of repertory additions from Andre Saine.

* What is a "Treasure Edition"?

Beginning with RADAR 10.0, the Synthesis repertory now includes Kent's "Lost Treasure" — 11,398 additions and corrections that were noted by Kent in his personal copies of his Repertory, plus 333 handwritten additions taken from his copy of Hering's Guiding Symptoms.

Read more about Kent's lost treasure

Special Modules and Extras

RADAR has a large family of specialized modules and expert systems available — and with the release of version 10.5 we've added even more.

Anne Vervarcke - the AV Method

Anne Vervarcke's work on case-taking is an extension of Rajan Sankaran's Vital Sensation approach. Anne has enhanced and expanded Rajan Sankaran's work specifically for Westerners, by applying the dual disciplines of linguistics and phenomenology.

The AV Method is included in RADAR 10.5 Free of Charge

Video - Presenting vital approach schemas

Rajan Sankaran - his latest Schema information

Families, Themes and Miasms: a fantastic graphical overview — with access to all of Dr. Sankaran's latest information through a special addition to EH.

Video - Sankaran's Schemas explained


Filip Degroote - the Dreams Repertory

The most complete index of dream information ever created. Kent includes 3,192 dream additions, and Synthesis 9.1 has 13,905 — but Dr. Degroote has organized over 150,000 remedy references and more than 100,000 dream rubrics.

An interview with Dr Filip Degroote


Jan Scholten - Element Theory Module

This module gives you full graphical access to Dr. Scholten's method for Element Theory analysis of the Minerals. You can explore just one element, any given row or column, and even specific intersections.

Video - Scholten's Schemas explained


Treasure Edition 2009 Repertory - Upgrade for RADAR 10 owners

Dr. Frederik Schroyens has guided this major upgrade to the original Treasure Edition of the Synthesis Repertory. The expanded repertory (standard in all new RADAR purchases) is also available as an upgrade purchase for current RADAR 10 owners.

Video - Synthesis Treasure Edition 2009 Part 1

Video - Synthesis Treasure Edition 2009 Part 2

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