Radar Benefits

WARNING: please be aware that Radar Software has ceased development in 2010 and therefore compatibility with operating systems released after 2010 may work but cannot be guaranteed. For upgrades to RadarOpus (currently compatible with latest operating systems) click here

RADAR set the standard for homeopathy software, and now the best is even better. The arrival of RADAR 10 brings major new features and a host of streamlined advances that take homeoapthic software to a new level of excellence.

The foundation of RADAR 10 is the new Synthesis Treasure Edition Repertory database. It's one of 20 repertories you can access with the program. And now you have the ability to search through all Repertories simultaneously.

This means you can combine vital information from Synthesis and other repertories. Homeopaths who have used RADAR's combined repertories in their practice report increased success, solving cases that they weren't able to before.

Smooth Look and Feel

Outstanding usability

With RADAR 10, you can now find synonymous or related rubrics directly from the repertorization chart. In fact, the whole program has gone through a dramatic usability enhancement.

Operations that required several screens in previous versions are now available to you from just one place, with a single click. You can even get immediate tool tip help with a simple touch of your mouse.

Speed and integration

Your searches now return results even faster than before, and the user interface is beautifully improved with new Analysis graphs and Clipboard windows.

In fact, the program now offers total integration between Clipboard and Analysis. And Analysis is even further expanded by the addition of Families, Miasmatic, Boenninghausen's Concordances and Relationship of Remedy functions.

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Jeremy Sherr, RSHom

"RADAR 10 is fantastic. I congratulate you on a wonderful program with so many exciting features and a fresh new look. But the best thing is the new repertories.

Using the Synthesis Repertory is a dream come true. Now we have the freedom to compare and choose from all the available homoeopathic data."

Will Taylor, MD - Chair, Homeopathy Department - National College of Naturopathic Medicine

"I'm absolutely elated with the new Families features in RADAR 10. The Families Selection Window provides easy and clear access to the multiple ways a remedy can be classified - great flexibility to examine the many relationships between remedies.

One of my favorite features is the ability to find synonymous or related rubrics directly from the repertorization chart. And with the new analysis graphs, RADAR's power is matched by an equal prettiness of display.

All this is backed with the reliability and comprehensiveness of the Synthesis Treasure edition Repertory… and Boenninghausen's Therapeutic Pocketbook ... the Vithoulkas Expert System ... the Herscu Cycles & Segments Module ... It just doesn't get any better than this."