Radar features

WARNING: please be aware that Radar Software has ceased development in 2010 and therefore compatibility with operating systems released after 2010 may work but cannot be guaranteed. For upgrades to RadarOpus (currently compatible with latest operating systems) click here

Check out the latest release Radar 10.5!

Every version of Radar comes with a treasure of new functions and features. Users want to know every improvement and new feature and it is true that often the list  is long. So here is a complete and detailed list of all features by version. They offer an objective way to show you the difference between the version you may have and any subsequent version.

Radar 10

Radar 10 offers a great leap forward by giving easier access to more information than ever. Radar Free Notes and Radar Live Update automatically send new information to your computer when you connect to the Internet. Radar 10 comes with the Synthesis Treasure Edition.

Radar 9

Radar 9 offers a dramatic usability enhancement. You can search and use information of different repertories at the same time, the analysis and symptoms windows have been redesigned and the speed of the program has increased substantially.

Radar 8.2

A new, gretaly improved  families database comes with Radar 8.2. The user has more control over the quality of the information he uses with the introduction of the "Confidence Levels of Remedies( CLR)".

Radar 8

The most important new feature or Radar 8 is it's seamless integration with the Materia Medica program, Encyclopaedia Homeopathica. This integration responds to a long standing wish of so many homeopaths to have a closer relationship between the two main tools of our profession.