Master Your Practice - Master Your Software

DVD and CD Seminars

Would you like to approach any case with confidence?
Would you like the software skills of a RADAR power user?

With these DVD and CD sets, available exclusively from WholeHealthNow, you can make dramatic progress toward your goals. These professionally recorded seminars will teach you, step by step, how to incorporate different and highly effective analysis techniques into your study and practice of homeopathy.

Radar Training on 5 DVDs

Learn to use RADAR Homeopathy Software
At Your Own Pace...and In Your Own Home

These DVD trainings were recorded during a special 3-day session with Kim Elia and a live audience in Northern California. Learning this way is just like being there - but with rewind and a freeze frame to catch all the details!

With this DVD training you will get 14 hours of live training on 5 DVDs with on-screen menus to provide direct access to any topic -- plus a carrying case.

The DVDs include complete instructions for all
the features of RADAR software, including:

  • New Investigation Window
  • Concepts
  • Modifying the Repertory
  • Vithoulkas Expert System
  • Herscu Analysis
  • Encyclopedia Homeopathica
  • ...and much more

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Homeopathic Thinking Tools - First Aid Seminar - 9 CDs

This 9-CD set from Joe Kellerstein and Monica Frohmann emphasizes a logical approach to case-taking and focuses on classical methodology. These seminar materials will help you approach any case with the confidence you need, especially in first aid situations.

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Sale price: 100 € (UK: 70 £) + VAT + Shipping
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Mastering RADAR & EH - Arcata, CA Seminar - 8 DVDs

In 2005, a small group of homeopaths had the rare opportunity to learn RADAR software IN DEPTH from two homeopaths who have the highest levels of expertise and inside knowledge: Will Taylor, who has been highly instrumental in developing key features for RADAR; and Kim Elia, who is the preeminent RADAR software trainer in the world.

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Price: 150 € (UK: 100 £) + VAT + Shipping
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Homeopathy Case Analysis — using RADAR & EH

Toronto, ON Seminar - 6 DVDs

Gain the advantage that comes with instruction from a true power team. Joe Kellerstein is a gifted homeopathic prescriber and educator, with a talent for teaching others to become proficient practitioners. Kim Elia is the preeminent RADAR software trainer in the world, and a practicing homeopath of over 18 years.

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Price: 165 € (UK: 115 £) + VAT + Shipping
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Acid Remedies Course - MP3 Audio - on CD

This 20-hour Materia Medica Course with Kim Elia is guaranteed to provide you with a thorough understanding of the acid remedies. For each remedy, Kim presents fifteen to twenty cases, discussing materia medica and presenting the essential features of the mental, emotional and physical characteristics.

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Price: 235 € (UK: 160 £) + VAT + Shipping
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Organon Home Study on CD (mp3)

Study The Organon From The
Comfort & Convenience of your Own Home

Dr. Joe Kellerstein will be continuing his three part instruction on Samuel Hahnemann's fundamental exposition of Homeopathy — as presented in the Organon, 6th edition.

Through this live and interactive teleconference series, you will gain a deeper understanding of the guiding principles of classical homeopathy, which are essential to its successful practice.

Dr. Kellerstein, Doctor of Chiropractic and Naturopathic Medicine, is both a gifted teacher and a respected scholar of homeopathy. In his hands even the most complex subject is not only understandable, but truly enjoyable.

In these courses, Dr. Kellerstein will facilitate your learning of the essential principles that Hahnemann published — those same principles that allowed the old homeopathic masters to achieve such great success in their treatment of disease.

Price: 595 € (UK: 399 £) + VAT + Shipping
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