Radarony (Chinese homeopathic software)

Prof.To, his staff and Dr. Schroyens at Como (near Italian Headquarters)

In collaboration with Archibel, Prof. To has created the first fully fledged Chinese homeopathic software, Radarony (a Chinese version of RadarOpus). Radarony has a Chinese interface with Chinese menus and messages. The first version has been released in July 2014 (version 1.39) as a Starter Package, including four Chinese books by Prof. To himself:

  • TO A., Materia Medica (toa1.zh)
  • TO A., Index to Common Ailments (toa2.zh)
  • TO A., Introduction to Ailments (toa3.zh)
  • TO A., Prof. To's Repertory [Chinese] (toa4.zh)

All these documents are bilingual in Chinese and English to allow optimal international exposure and exchange. They can be displayed in Chinese or in English alone or with both languages at the same time, either of these languages being the leading one.
This applies to Repertories as well as to References.

Since then, new books in Chinese are being added and more translations of classical homeopathic literature are in process.

Prof. To's team also finalized the first complete Chinese translation of Kent's Repertory which has been made available with Radarony version 1.41 (September 2015).

Also Prof. To's translation of Kent's Repertory is a bilingual document to allow precision and reference to the English original.

The software Radarony is part of the curriculum in Prof. To's homeopathic training program in China, Hong Kong,  Macau and Taiwan and is being used by hundreds of his students.

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