RadarOpus 1.40

Released on January 7, 2015 (LiveUpdate)

RadarOpus Version 1.40 (Live Update release) installs improvements from version 1.38 for all users (from version 1.39 for Chinese users).
Version 1.40 does not install any data.

A lot of improvements have been made "behind the screen", making these versions faster, more compatible, stable and secure. Content in German, French and Spanish has been added or fixed (more content fixes to come in 1.41). Several improvements to the Herscu module have been included.
Version 1.39 brings the first ever Chinese version of the program.
The backup interface has been improved and, as of version 1.41, the installation program will be able to handle large update files.
Also the first set of WinChip Pro functions has been included.

New implementations

  • A faster and more compatible RadarOpus version, including Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite compatibility
  • RadarOpus on Mac is compiled at 64 bit as well
  • New content and corrections in different non-English languages
  • Compatibility  with the new Synthesis App and improved security
  • Much improved and smoother functioning of the Herscu module
  • First release of a full Chinese version with Chinese menu, messages and books (Radarony)
  • More user-friendly backup and installation
  • WinCHIP now available in three levels: Easy, Light and Pro

What's New in RadarOpus 1.40

Full specifications of new implementations and bug fixes in RadarOpus 1.40 (8 pages):

Was version 1.39 skipped?

The successor of RadarOpus 1.38 came in different steps due to technical reasons.

  • Versions 1.39 (DVD release) is only released for Chinese customers and installs improvements from version 1.38 as well as “Radarony Starter package” data
  • Version 1.40 (Live Update release) installs these same improvements from version 1.38 for all users. This includes a new installation program that will manage the backup of personal data in any future Live Update (e.g. version 1.41). Version 1.40 does not install any data.
  • Version 1.41 (Live Update or DVD release) manages back up of personal data before installing the new version and installs new data for those who purchased it.

Consequently, all users (except Chinese users) jump from version 1.38 to version 1.40, followed by version 1.41.