RadarOpus 1.42

Released on March 2, 2016 (DVD/ ISO image)

Current status: DVD/ ISO available (read Full Release Procedure)

RadarOpus 1.42 is an intermediate version, only delivered on DVD and as an ISO-image to new customers of the Endeavour project (Australia). Customers running RadarOpus 1.41 or Radarony 1.41 will be updated to version 1.43 in one step and at that time get access to all new implementations, improvements and books contained in version 1.42 as well as in version 1.43.

This version 1.42 comes with a new look: a new splash screen while RadarOpus is opening and then new icons in the program itself. The Help on line in different languages has been updated with screenshots displaying the new layout.

A new engine, RadarOpus Mini, has been developed to power several upcoming low cost projects. The "Herscu Module Repertory Package" (USA) and the "Endeavour Package" (Australia) are the first.
The newly conceived "Core Synthesis 2016" contains information on 149 key remedies, presenting an ideal entry point for the students or for low cost projects.

RadarOpus 1.42 comes with 21 new books, among others:

  • A package of 9 new Portuguese books
  • 2 new volumes complete the set of 7 books by Degroote F. (Belgium)

As usual, several free books have been added as well, mainly provings (except for Radarony and for RadarOpus Mini users).

Backup and restore have been optimized and run up to 30 times faster. In the patient file (WinChip), several functions have been optimized, such as the management of mail and the billing functions.

New Implementations

  • New splash screen when opening RadarOpus
  • New graphical look: blue-grey icons
  • Updated help on line for Dutch, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish
  • RadarOpus Mini engine
  • 21 new books in English, German, Italian and Portuguese
  • Newly conceived "Core Synthesis 2016"
  • New package of 9 Portuguese books
  • Extended management of mail to patients
  • Extended billing functions
  • New map about Dimitriadis' Therapeutic Pocketbook Method
  • Backup and restore functions are up to 30 times faster
  • Quick keyboard commands summary accessible through menu "Help - Useful shortcuts"

What's new in RadarOpus 1.42

Full specifications of new implementations and improvements in RadarOpus 1.42 (6 pages):