RadarOpus 2.0

Will release soon! (Live Update)

Current status: Field Test (read Full Release Procedure)

RadarOpus 2.0.7 is a pre-release version.
Your comments are welcome at test(at)zeus-soft.com
Please be aware of our test procedure

Download the Pre-release of RadarOpus 2.0

RadarOpus 2.0 will be delivered as a Live Update (onto version 1.43) and also as a full installer on USB stick, as an ISO and zip file (not as a DVD).

This version is bringing you:

    • More than 80 new books: see separate section, by language
    • First version of Editing Tools, allowing to make additions in Synthesis
    • Polarity Analysis by Heiner Frei
    • Miasmatic analysis modules (Ortega and Giampietro)
    • The French dictionaries of Jean-Marie Krug
    • Dutch translation of Synthesis, including Dutch roots and branches thesaurus
    • Differentiation of RadarOpus into 4 engines
    • Optional local password protection when opening RadarOpus, to protect patient information (compliance with HIPAA regulations)
    • RadarOpus Cloud, allowing users to exchange Synthesis additions and to access Clificol
    • Clificol (uploading and retrieving patient data in the RadarOpus cloud) available in 4 levels
    • WinCHIP Mini added to the 3 existing WinCHIP levels
    • Optional compliance with HIPAA regulations (protect patient information), a.o. password protected access when opening RadarOpus
    • Further improvements to the copy-paste function and to the search
    • Compatibility with new Operating Systems and high resolution devices
    • Virtual keyboard allows finding symptoms exclusively using the mouse
    • Pictures and graphics added to some Reference books
    • Possibility to find a remedy also by typing one of its synonyms

    What's new in RadarOpus 2.0

    Pre-release specifications of new implementations and improvements in RadarOpus 2.0: