RadarOpus 4Women

RadarOpus 4Women brings you more than 6.000 pages of literature:

  • An entry level RadarOpus product
  • For those who care for and about women
  • About all stages and issues of women's health
  • For those who do not have RadarOpus yet
  • Easy and cheap access to quality information

Package content

RadarOpus 4Women brings you all information you need, written by classical authors as well as some contemporary state of the art works:

  • Female organs and diseases - 1052 pages
    • Burnett J., Organ diseases of women, bn15
    • Jahr G., Homeopathic treatment of diseases of females  and infants at the breast, j8
    • Krishna Kumar K., The woman, female problems and their cure, kkp2
    • Kulkarni V., Gynecologic and obstetric therapeutics, kkv1
    • Ruddock E., The common diseases of women, rde5
  • Sexuality - 488 pages
    • Anshutz E., Sexual ills and diseases, ah2
    • Trivedi N., Materia medica of sexual disorders, tvn2
  • Pregnancy and delivery – 1489 pages
    • Morgan W., The signs end concomitant derangements of pregnancy, mgb3
    • Fisher C. Homeopathy in Obstetric emergencies, fsr1
    • Guernsey H., Application of principles of homeopathy to obstetrics, gsy2
    • Yingling W., The accoucheurs emergency manual, yl1
  • Lactation – 292 pages
    • Hatherly P., The Homeopathic Physician's Guide to Lactation, htp2
  • Infertility – 670 pages
    • Hale E., The Medical, Surgical and Hygienic treatment of Disease of women, especially those causing sterility, hl11
    • Trivedi N., Repertory of Infertility, tvn1
  • Menopause – 184 pages
    • Burnett J., The change of life in women, bn22
  • Children – 56 pages
    • Borland D., Children types, bl1

RadarOpus 4Women also contains:

  • Boericke W. Pocket Manual of Homeopathic Materia Medica, br1 - 1042 pages
  • Homeopathic Journal of Obstetrics, _Hom_J_Obs 1884-1885 - 398 pages
  • A RadarOpus engine, as described below

RadarOpus 4Women can grow with you

At purchase, you can choose between two options. Both these packages contain all books listed above. They differ as follows:

  • RadarOpus 4Women Mini
  • RadarOpus 4Women Easy

RadarOpus Mini, the default engine of RadarOpus 4Women,  includes all essentials you need to work swiftly:

  •  Search, take and analyze repertory symptoms
  • Search and read Materia Medica information
  • Create and edit patient files
  • Save and recall analyses and patient files
  • Send cases tot Clificol (patient data in the RadarOpus Cloud)

RadarOpus Easy and WinChip Easy offer additional functionality as described in this comparative table, including:

  • Free books and free maps
  • Repertory Views
  • Editing tools to import logfiles
  • Family information and family analysis functions
  • Search remedies and pathologies in patient files

RadarOpus 4Women can grow with you: any time later, you can upgrade the RadarOpus engine and/or add more data