As easy?

Is RadarOpus as easy as Radar?

Radar had gained the reputation of a very easy and user friendly program. Function and speed were combined in an unparalleled way. Consequently, Radar users often ask whether RadarOpus is as easy as Radar.

Also for RadarOpus we have invested heavily to create an optimal and easy user interface. During that process we consulted among others:

  • a group of young female volunteers where the criteria were: not knowing a lot about homeopathy nor about computers
  • a Professor of Computer Science, specialized in user interfacing

An additional challenge was to create a unique user interface while integrating in fact three different programs: Radar (Repertory), Encyclopaedia Homeopathica (Materia Medica) and WinCHIP (Patient File). Whereas each of those programs had a specific vision and approach, we believe we have succeeded uniting these approaches into one coherent logic of user interface.

To demonstrate this, we have created a video replying to the question "Is RadarOpus as easy as Radar"? In 10 minutes it explains the five main ideas you should know to use RadarOpus swiftly and at its full potential.