Video showcase

Warts in RadarOpus

This video on warts shows you in ten minutes some of the  great benefits and features of RadarOpus. Here are some essentials you will be able to watch in this video:

  • slick and easy interface
  • integration with the Synthesis App
  • search for relevant documents
  • search within all documents, Repertories and Materia Medica in one step
  • repertorize a search result
  • process several searches simultaneously
  • graphical representation of different search results in one graph
  • easily find cases related to the pathology you research
  • compare remedies through adjustable remedy extractions in the Repertory
  • find words in all consultation texts
  • find patients for whom a certain repertory symptom was used

Do observe the speed of all operations!
[With many thanks to René Otter, Netherlands, for creating this showcase]