Radar Quotes (All versions)

Radar Quotes (All versions)

Molenaar Piet - Den Haag – The Netherlands

From: Quotes Radar 10

I switched to Radar 10 on a Macintosh computer and I can confirm that it works great.I have now the benefits of both: a Macintosh computer and a Windows XP via Parallels.[more]

Korolchuk Igor - Pyatigorsk- Russia

From: Quotes Radar 9

Great, fast program for a practicing homeopath. Easy to use and work on. All information safely stored even if you occasionally turn the power off.


Lana Milavic - Sarajevo - Bosnia

From: Quotes Radar 10, Quotes Support

Radar 10 is really great, it has helped me so much in repertorizing and grading the symptoms as well as quickly finding information about the remedies. I also think that the Radar support is wonderful, knowledgable, ready to...[more]

Anneke van der Wel - The Netherlands

From: Quotes Radar 10, Quotes Synthesis 9

I have just installed Radar, and it works great!Besides studying homeopathy (for humans) at the HAN college,I am also doing an additional veterinary course at the VHCN college. I noticed that the Veterinary Synthesis offers...[more]

Gervas Llorca Sonia - UK

From: Quotes Radar 10

I'm very very happy with RADAR. I had doubts bewteen RADAR andMacRep before the purchase. No regrets what so ever! The library isfantastic! and the program very efficent. Please keep on with this project[more]