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WARNING: please be aware that Radar Software has ceased development in 2010 and therefore compatibility with operating systems released after 2010 may work but cannot be guaranteed. For upgrades to RadarOpus (currently compatible with latest operating systems) click here

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Latest Radar Download

Synthesis 9.1 - Catalog of Remedies

This Remedy Catalog has been used for the Synthesis 9 family (9.0, 9.1, Treasure edition (9.2),...

Brunson M: 10.000 additions


This logfile contains about 10.000 operations with the additions created by Marc Brunson...

Radar Update 10.5.003

This is the latest free update to Radar 10 which can be downloaded from our site.

Latest Radar Knowledgebase

Windows 7 and 8 compatibility for EH

For EH (Windows 7 and 8) Open Windows explorer and go to C:\EH Right click on the AutoReg file,...

Error XM8DLL.dll starting Radar

Avast has quarantined the file which prevents Radar from starting. Open the virus chest In the...

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