Synthesis for Radar

SYNTHESIS the basis for RADAR for more than 25 years now. Teachers, practitioners, students ... all over the world are using SYNTHESIS for RADAR in their daily work. Why? There are lots of good reasons:

  • Highly reliable
  • Every source is just one mouse click away
  • Jump to cross-references and synonyms
  • Filter the information you don't want to see and use
  • Integrated timeline - stick to the classical authors with a mouse click
  • Integrate your own additions - very easy
  • Keep up-to-date using the live update - if you want to
  • ...

Get an idea about all the features, the background, the history and the future of SYNTHESIS on the following pages.

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As good as a book may be, it can never meet the objectives of being easily indexed, highly cross-referenced, and quickly updateable. By utilizing the power of the computer it becomes possible to meet these objectives.

Yet, great skill and knowledge must be incorporated into the software program for the user to achieve quick and accurate results. To function on a higher level, the program must begin to think like the person, with the ability to easily cross-reference data with a distinct level of intelligence.

Although Synthesis as a book is outstanding, the real power and heart of Synthesis rests in its ability to be tailored to the needs and discretion of the individual Homeopath. It is in the computerized version of Synthesis that this work meets this objective, and then exceeds it.

To unleash the total power of Synthesis, a highly flexible database has been coupled with a very powerful, yet efficient search engine. To further tailor it to the needs of the individual, flexibility has been designed into the program to enable it to be edited by the user.

Additionally, with the ability to incorporate updates via the Internet, it is now possible to stay current with the newest information available in the Homeopathic community.

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Latest Synthesis Quote

Miller Marylu - Northfield - USA

Amazing work. Thank you.

Sinha B.G. - Tarapur Silchar – India

I consider Homeopathy as the best among all therapies because it takes care of the mind of a...

Verderosa Nicolas – Buenos Aires – Argentina

Muchas gracias for este excelente herramienta!!!Thanks for this excellent tool!!!

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