Synthesis 8: an Introduction

Edition 8 offers more new information than ever, > 133.000 new remedy references and 209 new remedies as compared to edition 7.
Synthesis 8 also introduces the idea of confidence levels: every homeopath can decide the quality and quantity of information he/she wants. In his foreword to edition 8, Roger Morrison (USA) expresses his appreciation for this evolution.
Synthesis 8 has been translated already into several languages, just as its predecessors. The book in English is available and, for the first time, also comes in a pocket size of only 680 g. (25 oz.)!.

To introduce you to the new features of Synthesis 8, you can read or download the documents on this page.

General introduction

The goals of Synthesis 8 with details about the new information and the continued dedication to quality of the Synthesis team.

About sorting the symptoms in Synthesis 8

The way symptoms are sorted in the Repertory has been critically reviewed in Synthesis 8. Even though the rules are clear as they have been described in the Blueprint for a New Repertory, there were many exceptions. Exceptions, which are inherited from Kent's Repertory and to which we may have got so used that we are not aware of it.