Synthesis 9.1 Textbook of Repertory Language

The former "Blueprint for a New Repertory" has been expanded and updated to reflect the rules used in the Synthesis 9 family of repertories.
It is co-authored by Peter Vint (Germany), who was a close collaborator since ever and whose contribution became even more substantial with the release of version 9.0.

Remedy and author catalogs

The remedy catalog contains all remedies standardized in Synthesis 9 and later. In addition to the official Synthesis remedy name, many synonyms have been included. Not all remedies in this catalog contain information in Synthesis, they have been added nevertheless on request or in anticipation of ongoing work.
You can download the remedy catalog in PDF.

The author catalog contains all authors and sources standardized in Synthesis 9 and later. The catalog is sorted by official Synthesis source abbreviation and contains the bibliographical information as well.
You can download the author catalog in PDF.

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