Synthesis App version 1.3

Released on January 27, 2017 (automatic, free Update)

A new version (v 1.3) of the English Synthesis App is available in the App shops since January 27. The Spanish, French, Italian will follow within a few weeks. The new German version is already available for some time.
You should automatically receive a message on your device that an update is available to install. The following nice features have been added.

Change your mail address

If you have a new email address to which you want to send the Synthesis Analysis to, you can easily change your email address via the new button My Profile.

Improved analysis window

In the analysis window, a column  has been added showing the number of the symptoms in which a remedy is present.

Save different analyses when you are offline

If there is no internet connection available, the analyses are saved automatically (PDF or XML). The next time you start the Synthesis App and it detects an internet connection, the stored files will be sent automatically to your email address.