Synthesis App FAQ

Here the answers to some frequently asked questions.

What does the Synthesis App contain?

  • The Full Synthesis edition 2009V
  • More than 2.500 pages, 180.400 rubrics, 1.077.000 remedy entries
  • Veterinary* rubrics and additions (*only in the English and German versions)
  • Kent’s Treasure corrections and additions
  • Künzli dots
  • All cross references and synonym rubrics are included as active links
  • Full remedy and author list

Can I use the Synthesis App on more than one device?

Synthesis App Demo (Lite) version
You can install and evaluate the demo (lite) version on as many devices as you like.

Synthesis App Full Version
The license agreement permits the user to install the App on two personal devices on the same platform, for example an iPad and an iPhone.

If you wish to use the app on a new device, you will need to uninstall the App from one of the other devices.
After the App has been uninstalled, contact support and mention which device you are no longer using. Support will deactivate this device and you will be able to install the App on your new device.

If however you also have a mobile device with a different platform (for example a Windows 8 Phone from the Windows store), then you will need to purchase the Synthesis App again for that platform type.

On which mobile devices does the Synthesis App work?

The Synthesis App has been developed for all mobile platforms and will run on most devices if the minimal technical requirements are met.

Network connection:
A one time download via Wi-Fi or phone network is required for the installation of the Synthesis App.
After that, the Synthesis Apps will work without Wi-Fi or phone network connection.

Only if you want to use the Synthesis App as companion to RadarOpus and send the Clipboard with or without Analysis to your Email will you need an Internet connection via Wi-Fi or phone network.

Download and installation
Both the demo (lite) and full versions can be downloaded from the App Stores (iTunes Store, Google Play, or Windows Store).
On your mobile device, go to the App store or look for a direct link to the store in the View, try & buy section.

Can I test the Synthesis App before I decide to buy it?

Yes, you can try out the Synthesis App by downloading the demo (lite) version.
There is no time limit on the demo (lite) version!
It is fully functional except for the export to RadarOpus and contains two chapters ("Eye" and "Vision") while the full version contains all 41 chapters.

Who can download and use this App?

Although the App can be downloaded by anybody, it is an application specifically created for homeopathic practitioners or students. Hence, it is not suitable for the general public.

You will need some homeopathic training in order to know how to use the homeopathic repertory effectively.

Where can I download the demo (Lite) or full version?

Both the demo (Lite) and full versions can only be downloaded from the Android/Apple/Windows App Stores.
You can find the direct download links in the View, try & buy section.

I am a veterinary homeopath, is this App for me?

Yes, you can use this app in the same way as you would use the Synthesis repertory book.
You also have the benefit of additional veterinary* rubrics, and what is more - it is always at hand wherever you are!
* English and German versions only

Why are prices different in different countries?

The user has to buy the Synthesis App at the Google Play store or the iTunes store, as both stores request full control. Neither Archibel nor its dealers can sell the Synthesis App directly.
Consequently the user has to pay the official price to the App stores.

Archibel has only chosen a price category in one currency and one country.
The App stores then use a table (pricing matrix) defining the price for other countries and other currencies. Neither Archibel nor its dealers have control on the prices of the Synthesis App in different countries.
Therefore Synthesis App prices vary from one country to another and from one currency to another if converted according to bank exchange rates.

Is there a cheaper version for developing countries?

Archibel can only decide one price category for the App worldwide. The App stores then decide about the price in all countries, using their price matrix (see previous FAQ).
This is the policy they apply for all products and the reason why an iPhone is not much cheaper in India than in the USA. Archibel has to comply with that policy.