Synthesis App Screenshots

Below, you will find screenshot examples of the Synthesis App.

  • These are English Synthesis App screenshots. The Synthesis App is also available in other languages.
  • These screenshots cover only some of the features.
  • These screenshots are taken with an Android Smartphone but the Synthesis App runs on all mobile platforms! On other platforms, the layout looks very similar.

Download the free Demo (lite) version to your phone or tablet to experience the Synthesis App for yourself!

Opening window - Select a chapter

Swipe to the chapter you want and tap to select. Or type a few characters to find the chapter quickly in the list.

Next selection step - Selecting a main rubric (and sub rubrics if required)

From the list of main rubrics swipe, or type a few characters to find it. Then select it with a tap, or tap the blue arrow icon to go that main rubric.

The repertory screen with rubrics

The repertory window shows all rubrics with remedies. You can also see the original source of the remedies by selecting to show the authors.

Search on a word (or part of a word)

With a search on a word (or part of a word) you can find anything in the repertory, even if it is hidden in a sub-level. You can search for a combination of two or more words (or parts of words).

Search result of a word search

The word-search result shows all symptoms found throughout the whole repertory. Tap a symptom to jump to that symptom in the repertory.

Take a symptom in a clipboard or place a bookmark

A tap on a rubric allows you to take it into the symptom clipboard or to bookmark it for later reference.

The symptom clipboard showing the selected symptoms

The symptom clipboard can show the selected symptoms with or without remedies/authors.

Analysis (repertorisation)

View the analysis for the symptoms you have taken into the clipboard.