Synthesis App Promotion

Promoting the Synthesis App

Archibel is very proud being able to offer the first professional Repertory App.
In April 2014, the first Synthesis App was released in German for Android by our sister-company "Hahnemann Institute" (Greifenberg, Germany).

A bit more than a year later, the Synthesis App is available in five languages (English, French, Italian, Spanish as well), on three platforms (Apple, Android and Windows Phone) for all handheld devices (smartphones, tablets).
Every language is not yet available on every platform, as this new project is still in progress, but the releases follow each other faster and faster.

Thousands of users downloaded our Demo versions, hundreds are using the Synthesis App. Each version communicates flawlessly with the RadarOpus software, making it a most desired extension to your homeopathic office software.

For all these reasons, Archibel and its dealers are launching promotions of the Synthesis App. Although you best contact your local representative to find out which promotion may apply to you, find the two major promotion strategies below.

RadarOpus discounted as well

Although the App is already discounted, you can also expect up to 20% discount on large package upgrades and new sales if you show proof of App purchase to your representative.
Feel free to contact your representative to know what applies in your territory and in your language.