What people say

Dr Luc De Schepper

I love to have the most precise repertory Synthesis with me at all times. I especially like the feature to turn on the author references. I then can focus on the classical sources, which is close to the Essential Synthesis book.

Sir Tom

If you want truly pocket-sized, on-the-go reportization and don't want to be weighed down by a tablet, run, don't walk to get Synthesis English for your iPhone/smartphone. It's the only game in town.

There have long been several consumer-level, inexpensive or free homeopathy apps out there of course, but Synthesis Repertory is a contender for the world's top repertory; having it at your fingertips on your iPhone app is historic.

PN Allen

The Synthesis on my Mobile! I had been looking forward to RadarOpus releasing an app for Android and I was pleased to see the first version finally appear this year (2015). The price is reasonable and it's able to do more than I had expected, although we cannot combine rubrics, or do other fancy stuff... yet! I was able to send my repertorization to my desktop and upload it on my RadarOpus, and there I can do what I want. But the simplicity works for me. It's easy to use, easy to add or erase rubrics, browse through pages (though only one rubric at a time if they're large...). But the quick access to the Synthesis, while on the go is what I really wanted and what I've got! Thank you!

Cheryl Furer

This app is just like the desktop software. You can choose rubrics and compare remedies. It doesn’t have a materia medica included. Maybe that could be their next app. Yes it is pricy, but it is very wel done. If you do travelling prescribing, and need to use a tablet or a phone, then it is worth the investment.

Anurag Tripathi

Very good work for us with advancement of technologies. Plz add mind and generality chap

Ehsan Valipour

Benevolently gift for homeopathy lovers.

Hirakaji Shrestha

Long awaited app

Dr. Md Aslam



Very nice and easy to use app. Email send possibility nice integrated.