Synthesis is probably the most reliable homeopathic contemporary repertory, printed in several languages to the use and satisfaction of thousands of homeopaths worldwide.
As the printed version is derived from the software version, we refer to the general Synthesis section of our website for all information on content and vision of our project.

Synthesis 9.1 erratum

The English printed version of Synthesis 9.1 contains a mistake. On page 1885, a number of remedies are missing in the rubric "GENERALS - Sides - left".

We execute 34 checking procedures when reviewing a printed version of Synthesis and nevertheless this has escaped from our attention. We sincerely apologize and thank Diane Applebaum for mentioning this to us.
Here is a picture with the full list of remedies for this rubric. It can be printed and inserted in your book. This error does not exist in the software version.