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Latest Synthesis Download

Synthesis 9.1 - Catalog of Remedies

This Remedy Catalog has been used for the Synthesis 9 family (9.0, 9.1, Treasure edition (9.2),...

Brunson M: 10.000 additions


This logfile contains about 10.000 operations with the additions created by Marc Brunson...

Creveld M.: Three Tree additions for Synthesis Treasure Editions


This Synthesis Update Logfile contains 703 new remedy additions of 3 tree remedies...

Latest Synthesis Knowledgebase

How can I see the list of additions I made?

This is how you can display the list of additions you have made in Synthesis:

Close RadarClick on...

No views button in Synthesis

Cannot change the view in Synthesis

Error log file H-17

Updating repertory from another log file