Archibel Test Team

Archibel is looking for some more users to test RadarOpus at various stages.
If you are an enthusiastic, active RadarOpus user, you can be part of our test team.
You will not get a test version where nothing is functional, as we do the alpha and beta testing internally. You will get the so called final beta version or the Field test, which should allow you to continue working with the new RadarOpus as usual.

These are some requirements to be part of the test team:

  • Actively use the last official version of RadarOpus
  • Be able to report in either English, French or German
  • Send us a weekly report by Monday morning at the latest

Advantages of being part of the test team:

  • You will be able to use the future developments before all other users
  • Your feedback will be considered while finalizing the next version, we consider you part of our development team
  • You will  get free support up to the third level in case that would be needed (1 = dealer; 2 = support team; 3 = programmers)
  • Whenever you want to resume working with your previous version, we will help you for free (in case that would be needed)

How to be(come) a Test Team member

If you want to become a Test Team member:

  • Contact your dealer so he is aware of your intentions and can be your first contact in case of any problems
  • After agreeing with your dealer, download the next version from this Link Release page
  • Make sure that all your personal data are backed up before installing a test version

A few requests about the reports you will send:

  • Be precise in your reporting, possibly include print screens
  • Mention your Operating System (e.g.: macOS Sierra, Windows 7 Pro-32 bit)
  • Tests should focus on the new and resolved issues of the version (not be a wish list for the future). The relevant issues will be communicated to you in the intermediate What's New information
  • Do not only mention (even minor) problems but also major things that work, so we know what you have tested
  • Mail your report to which will automatically forward it to RenĂ© Otter (NL) and Carlo Rezzani (IT), our Test Coordinators

The Archibel Team and our thousands of RadarOpus users thank you most sincerely for your efforts!