The real differences

Synthesis has maintained the hierarchical nature of Kent's Repertory, while at the same time making thousands of corrections to the language and overall structure. We have focused on creating a logically structured repertory, allowing the homeopath to quickly locate a particular symptom.

We have paid close attention to groups of symptoms, the correct meaning of words, and various types of ambiguities found in Kent's Repertory.

Since every language has ambiguous words and expressions, we have spent a great deal of time upgrading the language of Kent's day into modern day expressions.

Seldom used words and expressions were replaced with contemporary language, for everyday language as well as for medical expressions, e.g., "dipsomania" with "alcoholism", "childbed" with "delivery after".

Clinical rubrics were renamed according to modern disease names, e.g., "coryza - annual" became "hay fever"; "skin - becomes sore" became "decubitus."

New clinical rubrics were introduced with caution, as sufficient clinical verification is still lacking in most cases. We have also included a huge number of synonyms and cross-references to assist the student or practitioner in locating similar rubrics.