The Vakil Module

Use tongue, color and moon phase to confirm your prescription

Prof. Dr. Prakash D. Vakil's Aid to Confirm the Simillimum - (VACS)

VACS helps the homeopath:

  • find the right remedy
  • confirm a given remedy
  • differentiate between two closely related remedies

Based on 30 years of clinical experience in homeopathy, the Vakil Module is a system developed to simplify your homeopathic prescription and/or confirm a certain remedy by the application of tongue, color and moon phase symptoms. VACS will give the tongue, color and moon phase symptoms for particular remedies and can draw up comparative extractions of the TCM symptoms for two or more remedies. The live sound samples of coughs and pictures of tongues integrated into VACS help the homeopath in comparing and confirming a remedy. These media images go far beyond any written description in helping to learn the difference between various tongues and coughs.