Three new chapters

While examining the information of the six Boger-Bönninghausen repertories, it became apparent that some symptoms could not easily be integrated into the existing 38 Synthesis chapters. These symptoms related to localizations that were larger than the existing chapter.An example: b-bg symptoms related to all the urinary organs, and not just to the bladder or the kidneys.

In order to resolve this, we have created three new chapters:

  • Neck (This chapter contains symptoms related to the whole neck - the part joining the head to the body. It should be compared with the chapters "External throat" for the anterior part, and with "Back" (which contains the cervical region) for the posterior part.)
  • Urinary organs (all urinary organs as a whole)
  • Male and female sex/genitalia (if gender does not play a role, as this is often not specified in the b-bg repertories)

With the additional Personal chapter, Synthesis 9 now counts 42 chapters.