Ton Jansen (Netherlands)

About Ton Jansen

Ton studied Classical Homeopathy at the ‘Antroposofische School voor Homeopathie'(Den Hout, NL).In addition he has followed the training for ‘Antroposofische Geneeskunde’ (Anthroposophy)

Over the years Ton specialised in the homeopathical treatment of ‘modern’ diseases, often caused by environmental pollution and the frequent use of (allopathic) medicines.  More

About Ton Jansen's work

This work by Ton Jansen is available in RadarOpus:

  • The Healing Nature of Plants (jst1). Thematic description of 24 plant family characteristics followed by a differential description of the remedies belonging to that family. More
  • The Healing Nature of Trees (jst2). Characteristics of 41 trees used in homeopathy, with keywords and themes, sorted by botanical family. More