Trees, spirituality and Homeopathy

An introduction to spiritual and holy trees of the world. The Diospyros kaki tree of Nagasaki that survived the 1945 plutonium bomb ordeal, the Worldtree, will be discussed in detail. Many case studies of this remedy are known.
The more recent remedy of Pinus longaeva, the oldest living tree on earth, known as the Methuselah Tree, will be discussed along with its proving. Moreover a number of new remedies, made from the roots of trees according to Shaman traditions will be discussed. They are largely remedies made of species known as holy trees, such as Ficus carica, Taxus baccata and Ginkgo biloba.
Together we will conduct a proving of a tree. If a suitable tree is near, we shall do a proving outdoors.

I graduated as a biologist [1973] and obtained my PhD in plant ecology [1981; lichen ecology in Norway] from the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands. Later on I investigated old indigenous trees and shrubs in the Netherlands and in Belgium.
I trained as a homoeopath with Vithoulkas, Sankaran and Jeremy Sherr. My private Classical Homoeopathy practice was established in 1989.

Some seven years ago I started to look for new homeopathic remedies that fit into our modern age and work on a spiritual and karmic level. These days, many people feel disconnected from the earth. This may cause feelings of insecurity and loneliness, a feeling of not belonging, of being isolated from yourself and your surroundings. By re-establishing your earth connections - often unconsciously, but very rightly, called 'roots' - you can again feel safe and whole, connected with your own essence.
Many people are searching for a balance between good and evil. The grounding energy of trees is a means that can be very fruitful in this regard. The new remedies are made of tree roots I connected to the earth (fifteen Radix remedies). I carried out dream provings using these remedies. This led to the discovery and manufacture (dating from 2000) of the Diospyros kaki remedy obtained from the Nagasaki Kaki tree that survived the 1945 plutonium bomb destruction (the World tree; the tree of good and evil). I treated over forty people with this remedy. I wrote several articles and a book discussing this remedy. I gave lectures on Diospyros in the Netherlands and during international HWB and ECCH meetings.
More recently I discovered a new particular remedy, viz., Pinus longaeva, the Methuselah Tree (also known as Bristlecone Pine), the oldest living tree in the world. Also named the tree that re-wrote history. I carried out a dream proving with the remedy.