Uncanny Analysis - The Vithoulkas Expert System at Seminars

During the year following the official release of the Vithoulkas Expert System, George introduced it during a series of seminars.

No one attending could remain indifferent in the face of the obvious and overwhelming evidence of its power.

Florence (May 1988)

  • The epidermolysis bullosa case with Phosphorus as the chosen remedy
  • The epileptic child with Pulsatilla
  • The Mercury case where the VES continued to prefer Mercurius, even after three Silica symptoms were added at the request of students

Alonissos (August 1988)

  • VES gave the correct answer in all cases
  • It astonished everybody by indicating Kreosotum, which cured the acute toothache of one of the people present
  • Even more amazing: the suggestion to study Coccinella septempunctata for the same symptoms - a remedy most students had never heard of

Edipsos (September 1988)

  • There was the famous Phosphoric acidum case, where George admitted that the computer found the correct remedy before he had thought of it.
  • He graciously told the students this was exactly the aim of his efforts -

'I want to duplicate my mind
for the benefit of Homeopathy.'

Celle (March 1989)

Some extremely difficult cases were presented at this last seminar - cases in which many homeopathic and allopathic drugs had already been prescribed.

  • VES placed the correct remedy first or second every time
  • This even included the Aurum sulphuratum, which was in 101st place in the flat repertorization. On the basis of the very same symptoms, the VES brought it up as number two, after Aurum.
  • VES also surprised everybody by proposing Stramonium next to Pulsatilla for the young lady with the lymphoma.

After these seminars, the word was out that there was something different and truly amazing about VES.

The world now has a computer program for case analysis that can match and sometimes top the brilliant homeopath who created it.