Veterinary Synthesis

Synthesis 8 is the basis for the first Veterinary Synthesis ever. All “human” information is part of the Veterinary Synthesis. In addition there is a specific vet information which is clearly identified as such, most often with precise reference to the species.
This project is coordinated by Dr. Marc Bär, Switserland.
Every Veterinary Synthesis is identified by a letter V: the first software release is Synthesis 8.1V.

General introduction

Read the survey of the needs of the homeopathic vet community and how they are met by this project.

Why a Veterinary Repertory

In this text Marc Bär explains which place a Veterinary Repertory could take in your practice.

... veterinarians make use of the repertory since a long time already, and they do have good results in the search for a simile. It’s just a question of how to use the book.


Read about the availability of the Veterinary Synthesis as a software or as a book in different languages.

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