Availability of the Veterinary Synthesis

The letter "V" after the version indicates that Veterinary information is included.


Synthesis 8.1V is the latest software version in English. Version 8.1V differs from Synthesis 8 because of the veterinary information and also because of some corrections and additions.
Synthesis 8.1V has been released in July 2001.


The Veterinary Synthesis 8.1 V will be not be printed in English, we prefer to collect more information before considering a printed edition.

Other languages

The software version 8.1V has been released on January 10, 2002. There are no plans for a printed version.

The software version 8.1V will be released in the autumn of 2002. There are no plans for a printed version.

The Veterinary Synthesis will become available in other languages after version 8 has been translated into that language.